Rental Fees


Available for exclusive rental 365 days a year, the Mellon Auditorium is Washington DC’s premiere event venue for seated dinners, conferences, receptions, product launches, branding events and weddings. The following rates apply to corporate, non-profit and social events. US Federal Agencies, please contact the Mellon Auditorium for government rates and inclusions.

We recommend all couples interested in hosting their wedding at the Mellon Auditorium read Weddings: Frequently Asked Questions.
For pricing specific to your event, please contact the AWMA management office.

Mellon Auditorium Standard Rental Fees


Entire Facility



Support Services and Staffing



Floor Protection

$500 per event





*DOES NOT INCLUDE SECURITY (See price chart below)
Hours must fall between 8:00AM-2:00AM.
A minimum of three hours must be contracted for load out of all events.
Access outside this window will be charged as surcharge hours.
Additional fees may apply for certain holidays and special event dates.

Security Rate Chart


Under 600 guests


600-1000 guests


Use of 3rd Floor as Event Space


Catering Tent Access


VIP Guests

Based on Scope of the Event

Surcharge Hours

$250 per hour

Additional security fees apply for certain holidays and special event dates.

Additional Services and Associated Fees


Surcharge Hours

$1125 per hour

Late Load-Out


West Lounge Rental (3pm – 2am)


West Lounge Rental (all day access)


Kitchen Tenting is an in-house service, and must come from AWMA

Minimum of $5,000, but may increase depending on your caterers’ requirements/weather, e.g. flooring or heat.

Internet Access – Basic

Based on the scope of your event

Internet Access – T1 x 3

Based on the scope of your event.

Post Event Full Cleaning, including Bulk Trash Removal


Third Floor Wing and Restroom Access


Security Deposit

Based on the Event, minimum $2,500

Green Room only rentals may be available at a discounted rate 45 days prior to the event date.

Wedding FAQ


Q: What are your capacities for weddings and wedding receptions?
Q: How much does it cost to rent the Mellon Auditorium?
Q: What is included in the building rental fee and support costs?
Q: Do I need a catering tent, and what is that cost or additional fee?
Q: Is any portion of the rental fee tax deductible?
Q: What is the total cost to have an event, including vendors?
Q: Do you have tables and chairs?
Q: How long does load-in and load-out take?
Q: Can my reception go until 1:00am?
Q: I would like to do my ceremony and reception at the Mellon. How does that work?
Q: How can I get an approved vendor list?
Q: I want to serve ethnic cuisine. Do any of your approved caterers provide that service?
Q: Can I have a restaurant to cater my reception?
Q: Can I use a vendor that is not on your approved list?
Q: Can I have my wedding and reception in the Green Rooms?
Q: What is a catering tent?
Q: Do I need to hire a wedding planner?
Q: Can I have candles?
Q: Can my guests throw rose petals or rice?
Q: Can I bring in my own alcohol?
Q: Is smoking permitted in the building?